DEFT Academy in unison with our learners to offer customised and specially designed courses that are most appropriate and adapted to suit their learning. Our learning environment is friendly and conducive for our learners as well as using different delivery styles and methods in the delivery of our courses. We provide aftercare support to our learners so as to enable them have a smooth transfer of learning to the workplace.

Our services are learner oriented and are provided with respect for individual circumstances. We offer post training support to our clients so as to enable them have a smooth transfer of their learning to the workplace. We work with unemployed and employed adults as well as young adults who are known as NEET (16 ‐18 year olds & 19‐24 year olds). We work with local secondary schools as well as employers.

Our Values

We consider the interest of our learners by providing them a safe, positive and professional environment to study

We inculcate and uphold British values

  • Encouraging candidates to have respect for public institutions and services in UK.
  • Encouraging tolerance and harmony between different ethnic background
  • Encouraging candidates to respect other people’s cultures
  • Encouraging candidates to respect and support democracy as it applied in UK
  • Encouraging candidates to exercise their rights in elections, referendum etc.
  • Encouraging candidate to complete learners surveys
  • Encouraging candidates to attend learners forum

We encourage everyone to obey and follow the Rule of Law in UK

  • By having their Driving test/license
  • By following Health and Safety instructions
  • By following Equality Act 2010 and preventing discrimination against those with protected characteristics (i.e. age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation)
  • By following Learner Code of Conduct
  • By following Policies covering Safeguarding, Equality, Bullying & Harassment, Prevent and e-safety.

We Encourage Individual Freedom

  • By exercising individual’s right to hold beliefs, to act and express themselves as they choose within the law.
  • By knowing our human rights and exercising those rights in life, work and training
  • By Question what we are told – make own decisions/choices Being allowed to do the things you want (e.g. what we wear, listen to, watch, read, speak about, vote for) whilst respecting the rule of law. 

We Encourage Mutual Respect & Tolerance Of Those With Different Beliefs

  • Equality and fairness for all regardless of their background or religious beliefs.
  • Tolerance and respect for customers/clients with different beliefs (or they may go elsewhere)
  • Tolerance and respect of colleagues at work
  • Tolerance and respect of apprentices in the classroom
  • Policies covering Safeguarding, Equality, Bullying & Harassment, Prevent and e-safety.